Saturday, September 29, 2012

Downtown shenanigan's

Lately the only fun thing that I have to do on the weekends is go downtown and visit the shops. I did it last week (and had a good time, mostly thanks to taking Xanax beforehand), and did it again today.

I had a hard time leaving my apartment like usual. There was nothing in particular in my mind, it just felt that going downtown and leaving my safety zone was going to be uncomfortable...and I wish that I didn't have to do it. If only I could instantly teleport myself between places and not have to deal with some of these anxieties about traveling or being trapped somewhere.

Anyways, I first got my eyebrows threaded at Layla, then took a quick walk-thru Bath & Body Works. Nothing was calling my name there and I do need to stop spending money that I don't have, so I left there fairly quickly. Then I used a Lush gift card that my friend got me for my birthday back in May, and bought the big bottle of American Cream conditioner. It's $30 nowadays. Uhg! I wanted to order it from the UK since it's usually cheaper from there, but it weighs 500kg and adds too much bulk to my orders.

Then I returned some flats at Nordie's which were too small (size 10.5) for my mammoth feet. I also returned some Illamasqua items at Sephora. I wish that my local Sephora carried Illa in store, so it would be easier to test colors and see how they look in real life. Oh well.

Next, I drove up to Anthro. I'm too lazy to walk there myself, and also prefer to move to another parking lot so I can take advantage of the 'first 75 minutes free' policy and never pay to park downtown. I decided to try on some of their full-price items in case they go on sale online- then I can know which items worked for me, and what size to get them in. Usually I feel like a size 14 might be too small for me, but today I found that a size 12 in one brand worked perfectly, but a size 12 in another brand was too restrictive. So it's important to try the stuff on. I didn't buy anything there today, only returned the cat dress (ie. Feline Karma Dress) that looks disgusting on me or probably anyone over a size 10.

Tupelo Junction Cafe is one block up, so I walked there (surprise, I can walk) and ordered their cinnamon-apple beignets and vanilla french toast to go. I was so hungry when I got home since it was almost 2pm and well past my normal lunchtime. The food was good, but not great. I spent $20 plus tax on it, but had to dump a lot of the food as it was too much for me and was gross when it got cold later on. I'm glad that I tried new food though, as normally I stick to the same places and the same meals.

Later on in the afternoon I fell asleep for about 2 hours. It's a bad side-effect of any anxiety medication. Xanax or Ativan both make me very sleepy a few hours after taking it. Then, I cannot sleep that evening due to napping earlier.'s a bad cycle. I don't take anxiety meds very often though, just when driving the 1- hour it takes to visit family (and return), and also for trips downtown...or the elusive date with a decent guy.

I want to upload pics of the outfits I tried on an Anthro today, and of my lunch...but I'm having trouble. My crappy old LG EnV2 isn't making it easy for me to upload pics onto my laptop, and I'm all out of text on my data plan so I don't want to text the pictures to my email address.

Oh well. Tomorrow is Sunday. I'll do the usual- clean my apartment, do laundry, and also go grocery shopping at TJ's and buy cat food at Lemo's. That's as exciting as my Sunday gets. I wish that my weekends or evenings were more fun or interesting, because every workday is the same. It's monotonous, I'm not learning anything or challenging myself in any way, and I don't have anything to look forward to. Everyday is the same.

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